Why work here?

Working for a start-up is anyways fashionable these days. We are more than just a camping company. We combine innovative business ideas and social responsibility to transcend travel and ultimately change people’s lives, including yours. Adventure Exposure: This is no rhetoric! Everyone working here would be exposed to the adventure we offer, be it marketing, sales, or digital. It makes business sense and hence we do it :). Need more reasons to work here? Find them below.


  1. Growth Opportunity: We have a few employees but we never had any attrition till now. We know this might not hold true for too long but it does speak of what we have done in the past 2 years. Our people have grown from helpers to cooks to mountaineers and we are proud of them. The growth you can imagine would be yours and we would plan it together.

  2. No Hierarchy: We know that this is promised at all start-ups but once you join the gang, you will see for yourself. Everyone plays a role at a time, the CEO may become the belayer, cook, helper, COOK may be the assistant to Expedition Leader, and CMO may be a trainee to an instructor! We are not suggesting any chaos where we don’t know who does what but we keep wearing different hats as required and once you are there with a hat, you wear it with pride!

  3. Freedom: You are empowered to make your own decisions/expertise during activities and bring your whole self to work. 

  4. Ability to Grow: We provide incredible opportunities to grow and develop so you can achieve your personal and professional aspirations. We give access to growth and development opportunities

  5. Opportunities to work with other leaders in the travel industry space

  6. Unique incentives and perks like travel, incentives for good reviews from customers, food, party, clothing, and more…


 Work with us as:


Camp/Trek/Tour Leader :
This is the central role for our company and there is no way to directly join us in this role from outside. We do not hire for this job from outside but the role is the next step for those hired as Asst Expedition Leaders. Hence, the role is explained in order to describe what would be the job on offer eventually (once the Training is over). 


Sales Executive – Pune/Mumbai :
Graduation in any stream. Proficiency in Written & Spoken English.

Executive - Content Marketing (Blog) :
Proficiency in Written & Spoken English. Experience in Content Writing in the field of Print Media is Preferable.

Executive – Social Media Marketing :
Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Savvy with Social Media Channels and Basic Knowledge of web languages is preferable. Strong Creative ability with good comprehension skills.

Executive – Digital Marketing :
Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Basic Knowledge of web languages, Savvy with Social Media Channels is preferable. Ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders.

Executive- Customer Engagement :
Proficient in Written & Spoken English, Graduate, and Prior Experience is preferable.

Photographers/Videomakers/Marketing/ Web development/ SEO/ Creative People are required.

How to Apply:

To apply for this position send your resume to info@adventureclubpune.com or what's app on  +91 7798414480 with the job title as the subject of the email.